Player names on the front of regular cards got the same treatment. With a four-decade career, Griffey was one of the greatest players to pick up a bat. And, with the gold hologram in PSA 8, its a pretty heavy hitter expect prices north of $300 if you can even find one for sale. His father was a great and still playing out his last few seasons when "The Kid" was drafted. The card is notoriously damage-prone, though. Many correctly point to market saturation due to over-production from card manufacturers as the primary cause for the hobby bubble burst of the early 1990s. - Videos Ungraded & graded values for all 1994-95 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Nothing in the Site constitutes professional and/or financial advice, nor does any information on the Site constitute a comprehensive or complete statement of the matters discussed or the law relating thereto. Especially when it comes adorned with a Gold Hologram . 1994 Collector's Choice card list & price guide. 291/2500 of the Reggie Jackson chase cards from the 1990 Upper Deck baseball series. After Jones finally made good on his promise in 1995 by finishing second in National League Rookie of the Year voting, that gap only widened until Jeter copped the AL ROY award in 1996 and helped the Yankees win a World Series. He's featured on a card with Ken Griffey Jr. And, in this guide, we'll take a look at the twenty most valuable. That's a total of 32 cards! The cards were then randomly inserted into packs for collectors to find. The major difference came in the inserts collectors could find in them. Baseball or not, he was still Michael Jordan. Which Was Your Favorite Old-Time Baseball Cards Publica 1987 Topps Baseball Cards 25 Most Valuable R 1978 Topps Baseball Cards The Ultimate Guide, 1993 Upper Deck St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Card #204 Mike Perez, Derek Jeter RC 1993 Upper Deck #449 Rookie GEM MINT 10, DEREK JETER 1993 UPPER DECK TOP PROSPECT ROOKIE CARD #449, Derek Jeter 1993 Upper Deck Top Prospect Rookie Card #449, 1993 Upper Deck Diamond Gallery Don Mattingly Card #28 Mint FREE SHIPPING. Glossary | When the season ended, Thomas's stat line read like something out of a videogame as he slashed .353/.487/.729 with an OPS of 1.217 to go along with 38 home runs, 101 RBI, 106 runs scored, and 109 walks. It's anyone's guess as to how many signed, but collectors are certainly more than willing to pay for the autographed version. Shop COMC's extensive selection of 1994 upper deck collector's choice baseball cards. Expect prices in the $20 range for copies in PSA 9, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, 1981 Topps Squirt Rickey Henderson a Natural Phenomenon, 1995 Topps Bo Jackson Looked the Part We Imagined. I remember when that card, graded PSA 10, was selling for $30,000 or so within the last ten years. This was a great set to collect back in the day. Past month; A++++ seller. For as good as he was with the bat, many forget he was just as lethal with the glove and his ten Gold Glove awards are more than enough proof. We'll respect your privacy and you can unsubscribe at any time.. 1993 Upper Deck SP Baseball Set Builder Cards Rookies Veterans Commons 1-290, 1993 Upper Deck SP Johnny Damon RC Rookie #273, 1993 Upper Deck #136 Rickey Henderson - CSG 9, 100 Most Expensive Magic The Gathering Cards Sold on eBay in the Last 30 Days. Home Sports Card Sets Baseball Card Sets 1990-1999 Baseball Cards 1994 Upper Deck Baseball Cards. Free shipping for many products! Wax Pack Gods, 100 Most Expensive Magic The Gathering Cards Sold on eBay in the Last 30 Days, 1989 Upper Deck Baseball Cards 28 Most Valuable Wax Pack Gods. Like the Star Rookies subset, these were printed on foilboard and also came in Electric Diamond parallel versions. Add it all up, an its not hard to see why this Jordan card, with all its gaudiness and crossover appeal tops our list here. With over 20,000 of these cards graded by PSA, only 21 qualify as Gem Mint, which explains their six-figure estimated value. Shortcuts: Most Expensive, Cheapest, List by . The 1995 season would be Mattingly's last in MLB as a player when the Yankees brought in Tino Martinez from the Mariners in 1996 to be their full-time first baseman. - Comments 0% Hobby Shops. Since Ken Griffey Jr.'s induction into the Hall of Fame in 2016 and the resurgence of interest in this hobby, his cards have increased in popularity. All will become clear below as we run down the ten most valuable 1993 Upper Deck baseball cards, as determined by selling prices (culled from the PSA Auction Prices Realized tool) for cards in PSA 8 condition, which happens to be the most common shape PSA has seen for the 93 UDs. 550 cards. In particular, one out of every 15 factory sets was issued with gold holos, but everything else including from-pack cards got the customary silver treatment. Its that lit-up Griffey that lands here, pulling down around $25 for PSA 9 copies. Here, his Electric Diamond card checks in around $50-70, though youll find prices scattered over a wide range depending on the day and the news cycle. eBay Auction Event: 2023 NBA All-Star Weekend! However, not everyone, including George Steinbrenner and one of his closest advisors, Clyde King, was convinced that Jeter was ready for the Opening Day roster in 1996. The Content is for informational purposes only, you should not construe any such information or other material as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. Rate this set - Overview (5 bids) 3 days Left LOS ANGELES ESTATE AUCTION. Posted by Adam Hughes | Baseball Card Values, Upper Deck Baseball Cards | 0 |. Prices are updated daily based upon 1994 Upper Deck listings that sold on eBay and our marketplace. The two diamond heroes have been collector favorites ever since, and this Chipper silver holo checks in just about where the Jeter silver holo does around 20 bucks in slabbed PSA 8 condition. But, with their signatures added to the mix, the hobby welcomed one of the truly unforgettable and most highly coveted autographed cards of the 1990s. The surviving cards from this era are plentiful, which does little for their monetary value. - Change Log We may earn an affiliate commission if you Each pack of cards contained one Electric Diamond parallel card within it, so they aren't necessarily scarce by any means. But what the set may have lacked in pure UD tradition, it made up for in player selection, rookies, and those whiz-bang specials that delighted collectors all those years ago and still pack a hobby punch today. At the time, Mattingly seemed like he was on a surefire trajectory to the Hall of Fame. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network and Amazon Associates. 1994 Classic Michael Jordan #1 (Rookie Card) PSA 10 Gem Mint Image Credit: ebay The most recognizable Michael Jordan baseball card once sold for $18,988. Walter Payton Rookie Card: Complete Collectors Guide PLUS Values, 1985 Topps Football Cards 16 Most Valuable, Baltimore Orioles Stadium History: 31 Facts, 1986 ProCards Pittsfield Cubs Rafael Palmeiro Left Room for Interpretation Wax Pack Gods, 1998 Upper Deck Final Tribute Captured Eddie Murray in His Second Home Wax Pack Gods, Players with 3000 Hits and 500 Home Runs Wax Pack Gods, Card Traders Near Me: Where to Find Them! One of the most dominant closers in the game during his 16 seasons in the Major Leagues, Wagners 422 saves and 27+ WAR put him in the mix for Hall of Fame consideration. In 2009, A-Rod admitted to steroid use during his time with the Texas Rangers from 2001 to 2003. The #GM1 Dual Auto was a chase insert in the 1994 Upper Deck baseball cards series. Even the more common Silver Hologram version of the Yankees legendary Captain stands above most other comers in 1993 Upper Deck. By entering your email address you agree to receive email versions of the Baseball Card Market Report. Despite the fall of one of the key cards, it's a set that remains strong thanks to its strong checklist and photography. Rookies | $5.00. Most of the team thought he would strike out, but instead he hit the ball into the bleachers his first time at bat. While MoneyMade generally considers such sources to be reliable, MoneyMade does not represent that such information is accurate or complete, and MoneyMade has not undertaken any independent review of such information. $179.99 1994 Upper Deck SP Holoview Blue Baseball #32 CAL RIPKEN Jr. Orioles PSA 8 $28.66 Free shipping Notes about 1994 Upper Deck The official price guide for PSA-certified collectibles NOTE: Many features on the web site require Javascript and cookies. Note: When you click on links to various merchants in this post and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Not quite as awe-inspiring, but they still provided some great moments (especially Green and Stewart). SP was one of Upper Deck's high-end products. List by Card #, You own: 0 / 970 items Still, there is enough of that old A-Rod glitter floating through the sport and the hobby to keep his rookie cards on lists like this one. Both cards are BGS-graded 9.5, with 9.5 subgrades in centering, edges, and surface, and 9s in corners. Ungraded & graded values for all '94 Upper Deck Get my weekly newsletter with the latest hobby updates delivered straight to your inbox! 1999 - 2023 Collectors Holdings, Inc. All rights reserved. Upper Deck 1994 Alex Rodriguez Baseball Factory Sports Trading Card $1,075.00 New $4.00 Used Collectors Choice Upper Deck 1994 Complete Set 670 Cards 5 Gold Signature (5) $59.00 New 1994 Fleer Baseball Update 210cd Factory Set & 10c Diamond Tribute Subset $22.99 New Unopened 1994 Upper Deck The American Epic Baseball Card Set Ken Burns 81 Cards KG1 Mickey Mantle, Ken Griffey Jr. - Griffey Autograph - Pricing Nolan Ryan always appears on these types of lists, right? By entering your email address you agree to receive email versions of the Baseball Card Market Report. After the strike ended the season prematurely, Jackson decided to retire at 32 years old, stating that he wanted to focus on and spend more time with his family. The standardized performance presented herein has been calculated by MoneyMade based on data obtained from the third-party platform hosting the investment and is subject to change. . And here comes another three-timer on this list, none other than A-Rod himself. Derek Jeter is a modern day icon. When all was said and done, Hoffman owned the all-time saves record, at least until Mariano Rivera had his way. Shares in a basket of two 1993 SP Jeter rookie cards are also available on. Little did the sports world know at the time, Derek Jeter was a future Hall of Famer and Yankee legend in the making. As you can see, whether you're considering the Electric Diamond version or not, his rookie can cost quite a lot in high grade. Doc D's Trading Cards, Sport Card and Memorabilia Store. The card has become a favorite piece of Jordan baseball memorabilia, even if it doesn't sell for nearly as much as his basketball momentos. bring in huge sales, there's plenty of potential in the more recent pastthe Junk Wax Era. This pedestrian hologram knocks the card down to the $20 range in PSA 8, making it an affordable alternative for most collectors looking to snag a hunk of hobby history. Upper Deck released an insert card of Jordan in full uniform, knocking the ball into space. The regular base example of this card in a PSA 10 holder usually sells in the $50 - $60 range to give you an idea of the premium the Electric Diamond stamp carries, in this case. Download Price List, SportsCardsPro 2019-2023 Together with the recently retired Reggie Jackson, they came up with their next big idea: Find the Reggie., Swing for the Fences: The Best Baseball Cards to Buy in 2022, Make It and Break It: Top 5 Most Expensive Sports Cards, From Disney Figurines to Vintage Wines: The Best Collectibles to Invest in for 2022. Card backs have a second photo and continue with the dark motif. This one isnt anywhere close to being a rookie card, but it is an early-career issue of one of the most electrifying talents of the last several generations and a guy who came pretty darn close to actualizing all that potential. Check (though with plenty of asterisks and stuff). They debuted in 1993 with higher-quality photos and limited print runs, setting them a cut above the standard collection of Upper Deck baseball cards. And today, young collectors of that era who grew up idolizing "The Kid" are now grown-ups full of nostalgia returning in a big way to the hobby, pushing up prices for high-grade examples of his cards. Check. But, after his contract with the White Sox ended, he instead signed with the California Angels heading into the 1994 season. This is one of those cards that sort of sneaks up on you, just like Wagners numbers. For fans of holograms, there's Next Generation. Griffey's card shows him chasing down a fly ball in the outfield, showcasing the excellent glove that he had. We are user supported. His autograph evolved over time from the early days of his career into the style you see here where the "M's" are balooned and almost look like crescent moons. Collectors could barely believe their eyes when they saw Jordan on this card chasing down a fly ball in a Chicago White Sox uniform. And what a great choice by Upper Deck. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 2001 Upper Deck Decade 1970's: Johnny Bench Auto Relic NM-MT OR BETTER *GMCARDS* at the best online prices at eBay! There was a time, though, when Captain Clutch looked like he might make a run at Pete Roses all-time hits record of 4256 like after banging out 216 safeties at age 38 in 2012. The one Derek Jeter card that stands above the rest in this hobby is his 1993 SP rookie card which, in today's market, has sold for as much as $480,000 in 2021 in a PSA 10 holder. 1994 Upper Deck Baseball ALEX RODRIGUEZ RC Star Rookie #24 PSA 8 NM-MT $11.99 DON MATTINGLY 1994 UPPER DECK AUTOGRAPHED SIGNED AUTO BASEBALL CARD PSA/DNA. The first known copy was found at a Chicago trade show by a man who purchased six packs for $6.25. 1, 1994 UPPER DECK SP Baseball #85 Pedro Martinez EXPOS, 1964 Topps Baseball Cards 13 Most Valuable. Upper Deck hitched their wagon to Griffey Jr. by making his rookie card their number one. Still, the card sells for thousands of dollars, with a PSA-8 bringing in nearly $30,000 in 2021. The main photo is repeated in this ribbon, squished and done in black and white. The 550-card checklist was also packed with subsets, including: Of all the early 1990s sets, this one packs as much variety as any. Notes: Distributed in one series (#1-270).
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