About us

The House of Optics is luxury and fashion eyewear and optical equipment wholesale company based in Northen Europe.

The House of Optics is one of the most active wholesale and distribution houses on Scandinavian and Baltic markets.
You may order brands in our portfolio if you are located in one of the following countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, or Lithuania.
You can find in our portfolio more than 30 unique and prestegious brands.

  • For luxury segment you can find 18K, 22K and 24K gold-plated and handcrafted from block and beta titanium masterpieces.
  • For premium segment you may find beautiful designs made in France, Italy and other high.quality optical countries.
  • For kids segment you will find beautiful designs and well known brands combine with practiquality.
  • In sport segment you will get everithing you need for acitivities indoor and outdoor.

  • Three pillars to holistic and successful optical business


    We are extremely loyal to all our customers and our most important goal is to help to grow their businesses.


    In our portfolio, you can find only the best brands with high production and service quality. We believe that quality comes first.


    We believe that all market participants have to have the same access to good products and services with a fair price and value. We believe that businesses need peculiarity.

    Eight of ten customers rate our service and products very high!